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Christmas Carols 2020
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While amateur choral singing remains restricted, members of the Arkleston Singers, like many choirs, have started rehearsing from home using Zoom.

For Christmas we have individually recorded voice parts for 3 carols, which have been assembled together by our 3 sound engineers! New skills for everyone! Click the video links above.

    Alternative link (no video)

Merry Christmas to all.   Take care.
The Arkleston Singers are a small mixed voice chamber choir based in Paisley. We give 2 regular concerts per year, but can be available to perform at other times on request.

The choir has been entertaining in the West of Scotland for 40 years and has built a reputation for singing a very adventurous yet mixed repertoire, comprising both unfamiliar and more popular works. Programmes may contain modern liturgical music from living composers, as well as contemporary secular pieces, Scots songs, madrigals, Gilbert & Sullivan, Lennon & McCartney and other popular songs from recent decades. We have often featured works by modern composers which are Scottish, European or, occasionally, world premières.